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Our Fees

Thai Massage Practitioners Service Fees: (HST not included)

1 hour /$70   

1.5 hours/$100

2 hours /$140

2.5 hours/$170

*Minimum booking is one hour.

  • All services are charged by duration of sessions.
  • Payments less than $20 must be paid by cash.
  • For couple massage, please book in advance so we can arrange for you.
  • We are busier in the evening and on Friday to Monday, please book in advance to get the appointment times you need.
  • Practitioners provide: Table-Thai, Barefootbar, deep tissue, swedish and foot massage.

R.M.T. Service Fees: (HST included)

30 minutes /$55    

45 minutes /$75    

60 minutes /$90

90 minutes /$130 

120 minutes / $170

  • All services are charged by duration of sessions.
  • Payments less than $20 must be paid by cash.
  • R.M.T. hours are different from our business hours, please contact for details and mention: “R.M.T.” when booking.
  • We accept all types of payments, except cheques, money order, American Express and Discover card.
  • Receipts accepted by all group insurance companies.
  • Gift certificates also available.
  • Direct-billing to: Blue Cross, Claim Secure, Desjardin, Green Shield, Great-West Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Maximum Benefit, Sun Life, Chamber of Commerce, Cowan, CINUP, First Canadian, Group Health, Group Source, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group, and Manion.
  • If you need us to do direct-billing to insurance companies, please mention:”direct-billing” when booking.  We cannot access the details of your extended health benefits, please find out the details of your coverage of massage therapy before booking. 
  • After we submit the claims on your behalf as direct-billing, some insurance companies may assign payments to plan members instead of to our clinic.  In such case, you need to pay the clinic after the treatments with cash or debit cards(no credit card payments are accepted).
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