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BarefootBar Massage

It is a deep and luxurious massage technique that no one wants to miss; commonly known as: walk on back.  Practitioners with hands holding to bars, treating only by barefoot and assisted gravity.  It can be done either with or without lubricants. The deep pressure covers broader body area, so it is deep and soothing. Unlike some deep tissue massage, this technique is not pinchy at all.

Clients can get benefits such as:

*Less soreness after treatment.

*Gravity enables the pressure to be deeper than the hands-on.

*Feel luxurious and therapeutic at the same time.

*Relieves tight muscles and stimulates the body’s self healing capabilities.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique focuses on treating deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.  It uses slower strokes with deeper pressure in order to concentrate and reach deep layer of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias.  (Fascias are fibrous connective tissues, primarily collagen, found all over the body.  They serve as protective paddings, cushions and insulations between skin to muscles and organs.  E.g. each muscle is wrapped by a fascia; groups of muscles are wrapped by fascias into fascia compartments.)  The technique is used to physically break down tender muscle fiber adhesions (a.k.a. muscle knots) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, inflammation and limited range of motion.  The therapists may use fingers, knuckles, hands, elbows, forearms, fists, knees or feet to give you this type of massage.

The following are conditions and examples that are commonly treated by deep tissue massage:

*Chronic pain/aches (e.g.low back strain, migraine)

*Chronic fatigue (e.g.fibromyalgia)

*Joint pain (e.g.osteoarthritis)

*Muscle spasm (entire muscle contracting, e.g. cramping leg)

*Muscle pain that feels deep (e.g.trigger point pain)

*Muscle tension (e.g.piriformis syndrome, tension headache, stiff neck/shoulder)

*Nerve pain (e.g. sciatica)

*Postural conditions (e.g.computer work)

*Post injuries (e.g.whiplash)

*Post surgeries (e.g. scar tissue)

*Repetitive strain (e.g.carpal tunnel syndrome)

*Sport and activities related concerns (e.g.runner,over work-out…)

*Tendonitis (e.g.tennis/golf elbow)

Foot Massage

The average moderately active person takes around 7,500 steps/day. If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you would walk Five times around the Earth!  Under the effect of gravity, if you are on your feet for long hours every day, to treat your over-worked feet is a must!  If you book a session just for foot massage, we will include the treatment up to your knees.

R.M.T. /M.T.

It stands for: Registered Massage Therapist/ Massage Therapist. Only the treatments provided by M.T. are called: Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy is the practice of:

  • Assessment of soft tissue and joints of the body.
  • Treatment/Prevention of physical dysfunction, pain of soft tissue and joints of the body.
  • Maintenance, rehabilitation or augmentation of tissue health and physical function.

Main techniques used by our M.T. other than Swedish: Ashi-Thai, BarefootBar, Deep Tissue, Prenatal/Post Natal, Passive stretches, Shiatsu/Acupressure, Soft Tissue Release, Trigger Point Release, Tui-na.


It is a Japanese massage technique.  It is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine practice esp. from tui-na massage and acupuncture.  “Shi “means finger, and “atsu” means pressure.  That’s why it has been described as needle-free acupuncture.  Very similar to acupressure, therapists use mainly fingers (or sometimes knuckles/elbows) to apply pressure along channels/meridians (jing/mai) or on specific acupoints in order to stimulate energy flows, balance yin/yang, and qi/blood…Normally no lubricants are used; massage tables are setup lower.

What are potential benefits of Shiatsu massage?

  • Reduce stress and protect against stress-related health issues
  • Increase energy (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Muscle spasm (e.g. neck spasm/leg cramp)
  • Promote recovery from injuries
  • Eliminate pain (e.g. arthritis, sciatica, and headache/migraine)
  • Improve sinus problems
  • Stimulate digestive system (e.g. constipation)


It is a standardized massage technique used by all Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.) in Ontario or in most clinics, spas, fitness/wellness centres. It is also a general term for relaxation massage, derived from the type of massage taught by Per Henrik Ling. It uses lubricants and mainly thumb, fingers, knuckles, and other parts of hands to perform the variety of manipulative techniques designed to restore homeostasis, directed at the skin, muscle and fascia. The treatment can benefit people of all ages, the injured, the ill and the stressed as well as preventing illness and conditions before they develop.

Thai Massage on Table

Thai Massage is an ancient, healing massage technique of a history traced back to 2500 years ago.  It combines acupressure, passive yoga-like stretches/postures, and Indian ayurvedic principles. The founder is said to be Shivago Komarpaj who was also the Buddha’s physician. However, the technique has influences from Indian, Chinese, and southeast Asian cultures.  The therapists usually follow designated energy lines in the body, apply rhythmic compression and passive yoga style stretching/pulling, and rocking techniques.  That’s why it is sometimes called the “lazy person’s yoga” or “Thai yoga massage”. It is more energizing than other forms of massage.

What are potential benefits of Thai massage?

  • Reduce stress, spasm, stiffness, pain due to over work-out, migraine or arthritis
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Helping balance problems

Combinations of your choices

You can combine Swedish, Foot massage with the other type of massage within one session.

We offer other free modalities:


In simple words – Applications of cold/hot pack are used to enhance the treatment results.  E.g., we might use cold/ice pack for acute stage of inflammation.  Or a hot towel/heating pad might be used for tired muscles or cold limbs.

Remedial Exercises

Feel free to discuss with us on home care suggestions for your conditions or wellness goals.


Thai Massage Practitioners Service Fees: (HST not included)

1 hour /$70   

1.5 hours/$100

2 hours /$140

2.5 hours/$170

*Minimum booking is one hour.

  • All services are charged by duration of sessions.
  • Payments less than $20 must be paid by cash.
  • For couple massage, please book in advance so we can arrange for you.
  • We are busier in the evening and on Friday to Monday, please book in advance to get the appointment times you need.
  • Practitioners provide: Table-Thai, Barefootbar, deep tissue, swedish and foot massage.

R.M.T. Service Fees: (HST included)

30 minutes /$55    

45 minutes /$75    

60 minutes /$90

90 minutes /$130 

120 minutes / $170

  • All services are charged by duration of sessions.
  • Payments less than $20 must be paid by cash.
  • R.M.T. hours are different from our business hours, please contact for details and mention: “R.M.T.” when booking.
  • We accept all types of payments, except cheques, money order, American Express and Discover card.
  • Receipts accepted by all group insurance companies.
  • Gift certificates also available.
  • Direct-billing to: Blue Cross, Claim Secure, Desjardin, Green Shield, Great-West Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Maximum Benefit, Sun Life, Chamber of Commerce, Cowan, CINUP, First Canadian, Group Health, Group Source, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group, and Manion.
  • If you need us to do direct-billing to insurance companies, please mention:”direct-billing” when booking.  We cannot access the details of your extended health benefits, please find out the details of your coverage of massage therapy before booking. 
  • After we submit the claims on your behalf as direct-billing, some insurance companies may assign payments to plan members instead of to our clinic.  In such case, you need to pay the clinic after the treatments with cash or debit cards(no credit card payments are accepted).
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