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Swedish Massage

It is a standardized massage technique used by all Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.) in Ontario or in most clinics, spas, fitness/wellness centres. It is also a general term for relaxation massage, derived from the type of massage taught by Per Henrik Ling. It uses lubricants and mainly thumb, fingers, knuckles, and other parts of hands to perform the variety of manipulative techniques designed to restore homeostasis, directed at the skin, muscle and fascia. The treatment can benefit people of all ages, the injured, the ill and the stressed as well as preventing illness and conditions before they develope.


It is a Japanese massage technique.  It is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine practice esp. from tui-na massage and acupuncture.  “Shi “means finger, and “atsu” means pressure.  That’s why it has been described as needle-free acupuncture.  Very similar to acupressure, therapists use mainly fingers (or sometimes knuckles/elbows) to apply pressure along channels/meridians (jing/mai) or on specific acupoints in order to stimulate energy flows, balance yin/yang, and qi/blood…Normally no lubricants are used; massage tables are setup lower.

What are potential benefits of Shiatsu massage?

  • Reduce stress and protect against stress-related health issues
  • Increase energy (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Muscle spasm (e.g. neck spasm/leg cramp)
  • Promote recovery from injuries
  • Eliminate pain (e.g. arthritis, sciatica, and headache/migraine)
  • Improve sinus problems
  • Stimulate digestive system (e.g. constipation)
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