Gallstones ( small ones) Elimination; Detox Liver/ Gall Bladder

Monday – Friday:

  1. Drink apple juice (1000 cc) / day or eat 4 sour apples / day


  • No dinner, 6 pm-drink warm water + Epsom salt (1 tea spoon)
  • 8 pm-drink warm water + Epsom salt (1 tea spoon)
  • 10 pm-drink fresh lemon juice (125 cc) + olive oil (125 cc, cold compressed)


  • Early morning, urgency for defecation with abdominal pain from bowel movement.  Gallstones should come out and float in the toilet.

* No side effects.  Can be done every 4 months.  The best time to do it is in the spring.

Kidney Stones Elimination

Fresh lemon juice (12 lemon/ day) + water (not hot)

Drink 5 days continuously.

Can also use: grape fruit & orange juice mix with lemon juice.

Liver Detox

Lemon juice (1 table spoon) + olive oil (1 table spoon)

Drink in the morning with empty stomach for 10 days.  Or:

Warm water (125 cc; ½ cup) + maple syrup (1 tea spoon) + olive oil (1 tea spoon) + lemon juice (1 lemon) + cayenne pepper power (¼ tea spoon)

Drink in the morning with empty stomach.

Fruit Detox

 Kiwi or grape fruit or both

Eat or drink blended juice every 2 hours for 7 or 8 times /day for 3 ~ 7 days.

Bloat Gas, Cold in Stomach, Poor Blood Circulation, Cold body or hands/ feet.

Warm water + cayenne pepper power (1/3 tea spoon)

Drink this and then drink another cup of clean warm water.

It is better to do Fruit Detox prior to this one

Chronic Liver/ Spleen Disorders, Long lasting colds, Liver/ GI tract Detox

 Castor oil applied on cotton cloth, placed on abdomen or local area (for treating pus or corn), and covered by hot water bottle (optional).

It also increases immunity and number of white blood cells.

Dry Brush

Natural bristle shower brush

Dry brush entire body up to the neck towards Large intestine, follow by shower with or without cleanser.

It exfoliates dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and eliminates toxins through large intestine.

Not recommended to be used too frequently.  Use 2 ~3 times / week.

Detox Bath

Warm/hot bath with Epsom salt (3 ~ 4 lbs) for 20 minutes.

It also relaxes muscles.

Aura Purifying Shower/ Bath

During shower, imaging that sky blue water falling on the body to eliminate polluted aura due to anger, fear, worries, or anxiety… negative emotions.  Or:

Warm/hot bath with apple cider vinegar (1 cup) for 20 minutes.

Radiation Eliminating Bath

Warm/hot bath with sea salt (1 lb) + baking soda (1 lb) for 20 minutes.

Used after flying or irradiation treatments.

Weekly regimen for patients receiving radiotherapy.

Slanting Board

 Plywood (L: 6’; W: 18” ~ 20”)

One side on floor; the other side is 14” ~ 18” above floor with tie straps to secure legs.

Lie down on the board with the head on the lower side and feet on the higher side for 5 ~15 minutes/ time when stomach is emptied.

Functions:  reduce fatigue, wrinkles, and neck stiffness; improve prolapsed organs; strengthen urinary bladder; improve sensory organs functions (vision, hearing…), short term memory, poor circulation, brain anemia, low blood pressure.

Not recommended for people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney diseases, cancers, and hemorrhage of uterus.