Frequent Answers and Questions

It is always up to you, the clients.  Please communicate with us all the time during a treatment session.  We apply as much or as little pressure according to your feedback and health condition.

Based on years of treating experience, Thai massage on the table is much more demanded by our clients.  Also due to our limited spaces in downtown Mississauga (current location), we are only able to provide Thai Massage on the table for now.  But on the other hand, it also gives us advantage of combining other massage techniques and including other modalities easily.

No, we do not.  All modalities are included in the massage treatments.

No, there isn’t.  To overcome this situation, we offer as many hot towels as you need.

  • Increase circulation, energy, immunity, joint mobility, lymphatic drainage, and body awareness.
  • Reduce pain and ache, muscle tension, insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Significant fever, systemic contagious/infectious diseases, including influenza.
  • Severe unstable hypertension
  • Acute conditions requiring first aids or medical attention.

Bruised/irritable/contagious skin, inflamed/weak skin, unhealed/open wounds/sores, tumours/malignancy, abdominal hernia, recent fractures, recent surgery, deep vein thrombosis, aneurism, varicosities.

No, massage treatment is not covered by the Ministry of Health.

Many health insurance companies provide full or partial coverage under “extended health care plans” or “health services spending account”, if the treatment is provided by R.M.T.”

Yes, draping is mandatory throughout the session, unless you prefer to wear comfortable clothes.  Which means you can undress to the level of your comfort, but you will be covered by clean sheet/blanket all the time; only the body areas being treated will be exposed temporarily.

No, we don’t offer Reflexology in particular.  If you need more attention on the feet, please ask your provider before the treatment.  However, we are comfortable of providing deep tissue massage on the feet through the concept of energy flow.

We change linens and clean/disinfect all massage equipments in the treatment areas between each clients.

We clean/disinfect high use areas at least twice per day.

We schedule less and apart appointments to maintain social distancing.  In order to do so, we try to avoid short treatments of 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

We do not accept walk-ins or visitors.  All clients who come for appointments are being logged in as per requirement by Ministry of Health during the pandemic. If you call to make an appointment, please show your caller Id; otherwise, the call will not be answered.

We request all providers and clients to wear masks.

We enforce all providers and clients to perform proper hand hygiene.

All clients must answer Covid-19 screening questions prior to appointments.


*Faigue/sleepiness/malaise up to the following day of a treatment.

*Soreness that subsides within 12-36 hours following a session

*Headaches/dizziness/lightheadedness/nausea due to thirst or dropped of blood pressure.

*Temporary sinus congestion/ marks on skin from lying face down on the table.

*Bruising with people who get bruised easily or on blood thinner or with low blood platelet counts.

*Skin irritation from lubricants/pain relieving ointment/cream. 

*Drink plenty of water to flush the metabolic waste from the tissues.  Due to Covid-19, we currently do not offer any drinks.

*Eat a snack to avoid lightheadedness.

*Rest and go straight home.  Avoid intense physical activities like going to gym or going for run.  Your body just had a workout and needs to recover.

*Take a warm bath with epsom salts/essential oils or take a longer warm shower if your hearts conditions permit you to do so.


Most important is payment of course!  Just joking…Please bring water or snacks to avoid dehydration or sleepiness/nausea.  You can bring your filled-out intake forms with you for your first visit to avoid being late for your appointment.  Please download the forms  from “New Customers” page from the menu and do not fold them.   For people with long hair, please bring something to tie/clip your hair up before the treatments.  For clothing, please bring/wear something comfy/loose/stretchy, avoid: buttons, zippers, belts, high-neck tops, jeans…

If you are coming for your first appointment and trying to save time, you can download/print forms from the menu: “New Clients”.  Then select: “Form Downloads” and choose the “Intake Form with Thai Massage Provider” if you are booking with a non-R.M.T.=masseuse.  Or choose the “Intake/Consent Forms with Registered Massage Therapist”, if you are booking with a R.M.T.  To save the environment, please print as double-sided and do not fold them.  For clients who need us to process direct billing to insurance companies, please fill out all “Direct Billing Forms”.

No, Thai massage do not use lubricants.  If you only have great experience in Thailand with the massage that used oil, that is called: Swedish massage offered to visitors by Thai massage practitioners.  It is a popular new trend especially in spas, because they consider visitors are not used to traditional Thai massage.

No, we do not offer Traditional Thai Massage.  We only offer contemporary Thai Massage on the Table.

Yes, we offer Couple Massage.  However, due to our limited space and privacy concerns, we can only book a couple at the same time slot in the rooms next to each other.  In other words, you can get treated at the same time but not in the same room.  Please book ahead of time to reserve the rooms; couple massage is harder to arrange.

Yes, we do.  Please book at least 60 minutes.  And please do not ask us to treat genitals; it is out of our scope of practice.

Most people would ignore their pain and hope it goes away by pain killer or so.  When the pain become unmanageable or hard to rid of, we get appointments.  As a result of delaying, clients need to follow up with more sessions.  When you experience lots of pain, it is not easy for providers to treat you with more choices of techniques and modalities.  So, to get the most benefits and best results from massage treatments; we suggest you come in for treatments, when you feel stiff or tired. 

Before your first booking, please read our booking policies at:” fees” and ” New Customers” sections.

No, we do not offer full body Oil/Swedish Massage.  We sometimes combine this technique into our main techniques: Table-Thai, Deep Tissue and BarefootBar.

No, we do not.  We are a scent-free clinic.

No, we do not offer prenatal massage.  For postnatal massage, it is better to visit one month after the delivery.  

please wear/bring something comfy/loose/stretchy, avoid: jewelry, watch, buttons, zippers, belts, high-neck tops, jeans…