Common Questions and Answers

It is always up to you, the clients.  Please communicate with us all the time during a treatment session.  We apply as much or as little pressure according to your feedback and health condition.

Based on years of treating experience, Thai massage on the table is much more demanded by our clients.  Also due to our limited spaces in downtown Mississauga, we are only able to provide Thai Massage on the table for now.  But on the other hand, it also gives us advantage of combining other massage techniques and modalities easily.  Please do not expect us to provide all stretches that you had from traditional Thai Massage that is done on the floor setting.

No, there isn’t.  To overcome this situation, we offer as many hot towels as you need.

  • Increase circulation, energy, immunity, joint mobility, lymphatic drainage, and body awareness.
  • Reduce pain and ache, muscle tension, insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Significant fever, systemic contagious/infectious diseases, including influenza.
  • Severe unstable hypertension
  • Acute conditions requiring first aids or medical attention.

Bruised/irritable/contagious skin, inflamed/weak skin, unhealed/open wounds/sores, tumours/malignancy, abdominal hernia, recent fractures, recent surgery, deep vein thrombosis, aneurism, varicosities.

Massage Treatment is not covered by the Ministry of Health.

Many health insurance companies provide full or partial coverage under “extended health care plans” or “health services spending account”, if the treatment is provided by R.M.T.”

Yes, draping is mandatory throughout the session, unless you prefer to wear comfortable clothes.  Which means you can undress to the level of your comfort, but you will be covered by clean sheet/blanket all the time; only the body areas being treated will be exposed temporarily.

No, we don’t offer Reflexology in particular.  We normally don’t offer full session of Foot massage either.  If you need more attention on the feet, please ask your provider before the treatment.  However, we are comfortable of providing deep tissue massage on the feet through the concept of energy flow.

We change linens and clean/disinfect all massage equipments in the treatment areas between each clients.

We clean/disinfect high use areas at least twice per day.

We schedule less and apart appointments to maintain social distancing.

We do not accept walk-ins or visitors.

Please do not arrive too early for your appointments; if you are too early, we might ask you to wait outside.

We request all providers and clients to wear masks.

We enforce all providers and clients to perform proper hand hygiene.

All clients must answer Covid-19 screening questions prior to appointments.

All providers and staffs must screen themselves prior to each work day.

We accept ApplePay or tap-and-go as contactless payments.

We allow less than 24 hours cancellation notice due to illness or emergency nature.

Bookings are prioritized due to the urgency of the treatment needs; we only accept bookings if treatments outweigh the risks of the pandemic.


*Sinus congestion for a short period of time; temporary marks on skin due to lying face down on the table. 

*headaches/dizziness/lightheadedness due to thirst or dropped down of blood pressure. 

*bruising for people who get bruised easily or on blood thinner or with low blood platelet counts.

*fatigue/sleepiness/malaise until the following day of the treatment.

*soreness that subsides within 12-36 hours following a session.

*skin irritations to lubricants or pain relieving ointment/cream.  

It is most comfortable to wear loose/stretchy clothes or yoga outfit.  Try to avoid zippers, buttons or tight clothes.

Before your first booking, please read our booking policies at: ” Fees” section.

Some people called us, left detailed messages, but forgot to leave phone number to dial back.  Or if you call from the number outside Canada, we are not able to call back either.  Due to high volume of scam/telemarketer calls, we do not answer calls from “No caller ID” and weird numbers. 

Please call/text to book appointments during reception hour (10am-6pm); we do not offer online booking currently.  When you text for appointment request, please include: names, date, time, duration and the type of provider (rmt or non-rmt) you want to book with. Also mention if parking information is needed or not. (detailed instruction with photos also available at our blogs: entrances: parking entrance).

Accordion Content

We only offer couple massage or same time slots bookings for maximum of two people in different rooms to maintain the confidentiality of your treatments.  It is available for non insurance clients only; not available for clients who use insurance benefits.


  • We are a shoes-free, smoke-free and scent-free environment. Feel free to bring your own clean indoor slippers to wear during your visit.  Please do not wear scented product when you come for appointments. Chemicals in scented products may cause some people to suffer from breathing problems, allergic reactions and headaches.  For female clients come in with makeup, Please ask us for disposable face rest cover to avoid the staining on the sheets.
  • All schedules are based on appointments; no walk-ins, please book in advance.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice; unless the cancellation is due to emergency cause. The full cost of the appointment missed or minimum of $40 – $130 per treatment will be charged (depending on duration of session booked).  This policy applies to everyone.  Clients fail to co-operate will need to pay for the fee before they can rebook again.  Clients do not show up for appointments must make deposits to secure their rebookings.
  • Massage sessions cannot be extended if you are late. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment time to find the underground parking and fill out the intake forms/direct billing forms.
  • All of our service providers are licensed female therapists/qualified practitioners; please do not request any extras of sexual nature which is outside the scope of our practice and prohibited by law.
  • When providing deep tissue massage, the service providers may use fingers, knuckles, hands, elbows, forearms, fists, knees or feet to give you this type of massage.  If you dislike any of these body parts being used, please make sure your service providers are aware of it.
  • Due to Covid-19, all providers and staffs are required to wear masks.  No walk-ins or visitors are allowed; please attend your appointments alone.   Clients must wear masks at all times; perform hand hygiene as soon as entering the clinic and before leaving the clinic.  Also, all clients must answer Covid-19 screening questions and provide proof of fully dosed approved vaccines prior to each appointments.