Parking Entrance

Please enter our free underground parking at “223 Webb Drive”. Do not enter at: 3939 Duke of York Blvd

After passing the yellow clearance bar, turn left; you are in the underground parking: P1. P1 has two levels; the lower level receives cell phone signals poorly. If you need to call us, please call from upper level of P1.

Please park between #36-89, except reserved/accessible spaces at the lower level of P1. No permit needed 7am-10pm.

Keep going down the slope of the driveway and turn left to find the entrance to elevator.

Use the elevator (between #88/89) at the lower level of P1, to get to level 2. If the entrance door is locked early on the weekend, please call us at the different number to open the door for you: 647-247-2999

If you take the stairs by error, please exit at the street level, then use the street entrance to enter. (please ref. to “street entrance”)

If you really get lost and cannot find our parking, please use available street parking spaces on Duke of York Blvd. or Webb Drive and pay $1/hour (any time) to avoid traffic tickets and support the city.

It is rarely both our parking and the street parking are full. In such case, please give us a call for further solution.